Dreams, Part III

When interpreting dream images, the most important thing to keep in mind is to interpret images within the context of the dream in which they appear. What I mean by this is, don’t look at each image separately. There are literally thousands of possible images. If you look at each one piece by piece, there is too much room for error. Start by getting a feeling for the overall theme of the dream. Then look at each image and see how it fits in with that theme.

A dream is like a puzzle, and there will be several pieces that are quickly recognizable because they are so obvious. But a puzzle isn’t truly finished until all the pieces are fit together. Only then will you have the complete picture. Until then, you only have disjointed images that may not make any sense.

So, try not to jump to conclusions using only some of the images. Until you have the complete picture, you will most likely get it wrong and may miss out on important information that you need to know.   

Here are some of the most common dream images:

Teeth Falling Out

This is probably the most common dream image that people report. It is disturbing to them because it affects vanity and personal appearance. A dream about one's teeth falling out usually symbolizes that the dreamer feels that their voice isn’t being heard, or feelings acknowledged.

This may refer to conversations with a particular person such as their significant other, boss, or friend; or can be generalized for people who are shy, to include almost everyone they come in contact with. The dreamer may need to brush up on conversational skills, believe in the value of their own opinion, and learn how to be less intimidated by aggressive people. Once they accomplish that, this dream (which is a common recurring dream) should evolve and improve, or disappear altogether.

Another theory is that dreams about your teeth may reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. Sadly, we live in a world where good looks are valued highly and your teeth play an important role in conveying that image. These dreams may stem from a fear of being rejected physically or the consequences of ageing.