Gifts from Mother Earth

Crystals and gemstones have been revered by civilizations for centuries, admired not only for their beauty but also for their spiritual and healing properties. These gifts from Mother Earth captivate us with their vibrant colors, intricate formations, and unique energies. Each crystal has its own distinctive characteristics and uses, making them essential tools in energy work, meditation, and overall well-being.

One fascinating aspect of crystals is the way in which they interact with our body’s energy field. As energetic beings ourselves, we vibrate at a specific frequency in tune with the Universe and Mother Earth. During times of stress, injury or illness, however, our body’s frequency can change and get out of sync with optimal health.

Crystals also vibrate at a specific frequency that remains constant due to their distinct crystalline structure. This allows crystals to influence our body’s energy vibration and bring it back into alignment, clearing negative energies, aligning chakras, and enhancing calmness and balance. Whether you're drawn to the soothing properties of amethyst or require a boost from energizing citrine, crystals can be a powerful ally in your spiritual journey.

Beyond their individual qualities, combining different gemstones can create powerful effects in your life. By understanding the properties behind each stone and how they interact with one another, either in harmony or contrast, you can truly unlock the potential of crystal therapy in your daily life.

As you educate yourself on different gemstones, their properties and uses, it’s important to honor your intuition is choosing which gemstones you want to include in your life and practice. By paying attention to how different gemstones make you feel as you hold them in your hand, you will find yourself experiencing a definite preference for specific stones based on your needs in that moment.

There are so many different ways to include gemstones in your life. The easiest and simplest way to use crystals is to display them around your home or workspace. Crystals may be used to enhance the energy of the space where they are being displayed. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you might choose a crystal that will purify the environment (Amethyst) and promote a positive, healing vibration, or a stone like Sugilite that transforms negative energy in a chaotic work environment.

Protective crystals (Black Tourmaline) may be placed at the four corners of your home, or you can bury Rose Quartz around the foundation of your home to fill your environment with love energy. All of the above can benefit your day-to-day experiences and that of others that enter your space.

Crystals can be worn in medicine pouches or incorporated into jewelry. Both of these practices have been used over many centuries. One benefit of this is that multiple crystals may be combined in ways so that they work together to produce a desired effect. One popular design is to combine seven crystals that correspond to the seven chakra centers in order to produce a jewelry piece that can keep you balanced, focused and energized. Other popular jewelry or pouch combinations are crystals for protection, healing, love, prosperity and abundance.

Another way in which crystals may be used is in meditation. Meditation quiets the mind and allows new influences to open your consciousness. This can make the bonding process easier as you are able to pay closer attention to the “feel” of the crystal in your hand and how it affects your energy level.

Because of their ability to alter the pattern of your energy field, many crystals can powerfully affect your dream state causing more frequent and vivid dreams. This can promote lucid dreams and visions and other out-of-body experiences. Just slip the stone of your choice into your pillowcase and keep a pen and notebook on your nightstand to record your dreams.

The art of “laying stones” on the body for healing is another ancient practice. It usually involves the person receiving the healing to lay on a massage table or bed while the practitioner places crystals on the body at each of the seven chakra points or near the organs that you want to affect. Body layouts offer the greatest opportunity to experience the effect of multiple crystals and how they can interact with each other to both ground and balance the body. 

Another way to use crystals in your daily practice is through crystal grids. Grids are patterns of various crystals and stones laid out for mutual enhancement of their energies and the surrounding space. They are normally laid out in symmetrical geometric patterns that may mirror the structure of many crystals themselves. Grids can be small or large and may be laid out on a tabletop or on the floor during times of meditation. Bigger grids may be created that encompass a house or large area of land to provide energetic protection for the property.  

Creating your own energy tools is a fun and simple way to use crystals and gemstones. This involves attaching one or more crystals to each other using glue, wire, glass or other materials. One of the easiest energy tools to create is a selenite crystal wand with other stones glued along its length. Selenite is a powerful magnifier that enhances the properties of whatever other stones are attached to it. That makes it easy to build tools to promote specific energy effects such as protection, love, cleansing, etc.

So as you can see, there are many ways in which you can use stones that you collect. You are limited only by your imagination and inner guidance. Whether you choose to believe in the mystical qualities of crystals and gemstones, or simply appreciate them for their beauty, it is hard to deny the allure they hold over us. Their vibrant colors and captivating patterns effortlessly draw us in, evoking a sense of wonderment about the natural world we inhabit.