Weekly Card Reading 12/3/2023

It’s time for our weekly Oracle card reading.

This week, our guiding card is The Witness.

The witness is an observer only, not a participant in any action. By cultivating inner stillness, the witness is able to assess any situation from a higher perspective and make better decisions. When we can be present for someone else’s difficulties with stillness and objectivity, then we are able to truly hear them and give better advice. Sometimes that stillness may allow others to see themselves more clearly, as if in a mirror, and find their own answers.

When the witness card appears, it is a reminder that sometimes you must take a step back and get out of your own way. You may think that you are in control of a situation, but events are unfolding for your higher good without action on your part. In fact, by finding stillness and taking an objective look around you, you may find that your true desires are something other than what you thought.