Weekly Card Reading 3/17/2024

It’s time for our weekly Oracle card reading.

This week, our guiding card is The Curse.

First of all, don’t get worried.

The Curse refers to the limiting stories of our ancestors, and the karma from former lifetimes that preordains the events of our lives. It is the source of negative patterns, and it can show up as a disease, a destructive force, or a blockage on our creative energy. The curse holds us hostage to a false story that we confuse for reality. Recognizing the original wound that is playing out in our life can heal it.

When The Curse card shows up, it is time to take a good look and recognize the source of your limitations. Did your grandparents live with a mindset of scarcity? Did you inherit genes for heart disease? Were you a slave or a master in a past life? This karmic legacy is ready and waiting to be seen, to be untangled, and to be released. Honor the past and the stories that you have been told. But don’t let the events that affected others determine your fate. You are your own person, and you are not responsible or liable for someone else’s past. Build a new life for yourself.