Weekly Card Reading 5/19/2024

It’s time for our weekly Oracle card reading.

This week, our guiding card is The Moon.

Every 28 days, the Moon begins a steady progression from darkness to light, and then back again. This progression has a powerful impact on our human psyche. It offers us the certainty that after periods of emptiness and darkness, there is a light waiting so we can be reborn into a new phase.

The Moon also has a strong influence on the ebb and flow of water on our planet. This same power, in turn, affects human feelings and emotions and mirrors their rising from or hiding back into the unconscious.

When The Moon card shows up, it reminds you that balance is important. The Moon spends just as much time in the dark as it does in the light of the Sun. Have you been too focused on outer achievements, productivity, or social engagements? Or have you spent too much time hidden from the outer world, not wanting to interact with anyone? Let the significance of the Moon’s cycle gently guide you out of your bottomless depths.

If you have been too outward, take a step back and pamper yourself for a few days. Take stock of how you are feeling about life and if there is anything that you need to work on for yourself.

If you have been too hidden, head back to the world of outer expression and connection with others. Allow others to welcome you back into the fold, and bask in the ties to family and friends.