Weekly Card Reading 6/30/2024

It’s time for our weekly Oracle card reading.

This week, our guiding card is The Earthkeeper.

Just as you are involved in co-creating your world, you are also responsible for its well-being. The Earthkeepers are dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth and all life. They choose to hold the sacred dream of a planet where all beings live in peace and where the rivers and the air are clean. Remember that everything you do has an impact for seven generations.

When The Earthkeeper card shows up, you have outgrown your small dreams of success and achievement and are ready to dream big, with possibilities beyond your wildest imagination. Take on the role of the Earthkeeper and grow the sacred dream. Reach out to a friend in need whom you may not have been in touch with for some time. Take care of your pets and feed the strays that come by. Clean up your yard as a reflection of your relationship to the Earth. Open yourself up to the bigger picture, and your personal life will flourish. Remember, it’s not about “me” any longer.