Weekly Card Reading 6/9/2024

It’s time for our weekly Oracle card reading.

This week, our guiding card is The Staff.

The staff is the symbol of authority. It holds the power to temper extremes. The staff helps you find the right course of action, the “way of the middle,” and aids you to maintain your balance after you begin walking in that direction. Moses carried a serpent staff through the desert, and with it he could summon the power of nature to heal or call plagues. The staff reminds you of the impermanence of all things, and that your authority must come from your deep longing to serve.

When The Staff card shows up, it reminds you that you know how to flow easily between sides, how to weigh all possibilities and instinctively select the right path. Trust your inner wisdom and take the first step on a journey that your heart has already embarked on. Use the power of the staff to unite what appears to be divided, to find that delicate balance between will and surrender.